Welcome to Braver Coaches Collective

A free online gathering space for Braver Coaches to flourish, together.

About Us

We’re braver together.

The Braver Coaches Collective brings real-time support and guidance from my own coaching practice to yours.

Here, you’ll find the tools and community you need to build your coaching practice in an intimate community of Braver Coaches.

What you can expect

  • Receive weekly content including new articles, a monthly book giveaway, challenges, and even free courses.

  • Get advice straight from my own successful coaching practice.

  • Feel seen and supported in all your endeavors.

  • Celebrate your wins and ask for ongoing accountability

  • Have a space you can return to every day to feel uplifted and inspired.

All as a free resource.

What you get inside the community:

Bravemaker Monthly

Receive my Bravemakers monthly newsletter in your inbox. The monthly newsletter is only for community members

Supportive Community

Your community includes daily connections, a private forum to ask anything you want, and a place to meet your fellow Ripple Makers.

Q&A Forum

Our Q&A forum is open all the time! Pop in and ask me and our community anything about your coaching practice. Anything goes!

Free Community Classes

Each month, members are invited to join a 60-minute hands-on training to help you build the foundation of your coaching business. While this monthly offering is free, registration is limited to 20 attendees to ensure a highly engaging experience. 

New Weekly Content

Read fresh weekly content to support you while you grow your coaching practice. 

An Intimate Space

The Braver Coaches Collective is an intentionally smaller community of less than 250 coaches which offers a more intimate atmosphere with a tight-knit group.

Things to consider before joining:

  • Engagement: While our online community is a freely accessible resource, we strongly encourage active participation, engagement, and sharing! This is an intentionally smaller community. Please note that inactive members will be removed after a period of one year.
  • Community Goals: Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment where emerging coaches can access the essential tools necessary to foster the growth of their businesses during the initial years.
  • Time Commitment: Consider how much time you have available for our community. We encourage weekly visits.
  • Email Communication: We won't overwhelm your inbox, but you can expect carefully curated content like the Bravemaker reading, our top posts, and an exclusive invitation to our monthly community class. We believe that email communication is a vital component of our commitment to keeping you engaged and informed within our community.

What our members are saying...

“Thanks for always doing an amazing job and helping me think outside the box and challenging me to dig deeper - both with my business and the content I'm sharing!” 

- Lisa Brouwer, Courage Coach

"Thank you so so much for your ongoing perspective, wisdom, and guidance!"

- Marli Williams, Facilitator Coach

"I so appreciate your foundation of generosity — building it into all you do and all the ways you show up. It is a truly inspiring model, one I wish we saw more of in the coaching industry (and hell, in all industries!). I just want to say again how motivated I am by your methods. I am learning so much from watching you lift up your community."

- Anya Hankin, Leadership Coach

"Andrea, when I said shifting my payment structure had helped I meant it COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED (so far, tripled) my income.  I've made my entire 2016 income in the first 4 months of this year.  Thank you for all your gentle wake up calls to practice deeper integrity in my work and my client billing.  It was really scary to transition to a different method of billing when I did it, and now I only wish I had aligned with this sooner.  Thanks a million for all your help in making this happen!"

 - Gina Senarighi, Author of Love More, Fight Less